Bodyweight workouts are great for many reasons. To begin with, you can do exercises without equipment at any time and anywhere. According to research from the University of Notre Dame, short-term bodyweight workouts can speed up your body’s metabolism. Regardless of your fitness level, bodyweight exercises are challenging. In addition, body weight movements can be crucial for the success of daily movements.

“Bodyweight training can lay the foundation and serve as a bridge to other types of strength training programs,” says Neve Zinder, an instructor at Barry’s Boot camp. “The basic movements (squats, stretches, bends, pushes, pullups, turns and walks) are something that humans in movement must do on a daily basis, and there is no better way to perfect all that than simply using our body weight.”

Of course, you can not do a lot of reverse grooves and sideboards before looking for variety. We get it.

These four expert tips will help you increase the warm-up during your next bodyweight workout:


Basic slots and pumps are a good starting point. If you have mobility and the ability to increase performance, adding elasticity to the program can benefit your body. Studies conducted in Spain show that high-performance plyometric exercises based on body weight can lead to a significant increase in body fitness in a short period of time. “Using explosive moments like jump squats, splitting and changing Burpees give you more than body weight as they are a combination of strength and cardio training,” explains Lindsey Clayton, co-founder of the Brave Body project.


We hear it all the time in popular fitness classes, but what does it really mean? “It’s not about engaging the abdomen and removing it,” says Lacey Lazoff, a trainer at Performix House. “Instead, try squeezing your belly button as hard as possible (think sneezing) and inhale deeply into the side of the body that is behind the rib cage.”This maximizes the contraction of the core muscles and creates the tension that we try to create with force,” he adds. Do this with hollow body handles and rigid forearm boards (as tight as possible), each of which will last for a maximum of 20-30 seconds.

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